Friday, December 28, 2012


Unless you've been living under a rock lately, you've probably heard about the 26 Acts of Kindness movement started by Ann Curry. After the shootings in Connecticut happened, I felt so terrible and sick to my stomach, especially because I am an elementary school teacher! So, when I found out about the 26 acts, I knew I had to participate! 

Basically, you have to do one act of kindness in place of each life lost at Sandy Hook. So, 26 in all. Some people are also including the mother of the shooter, which would make it 27. But I don't like odd numbers, so I stopped at 26, haha. You can find out more about the 26 acts of kindness by clicking HERE

I also found a lot of inspiration on good ol' Instagram by searching many good ideas on there!!!

So here are my 26 acts of kindness that I completed from December 20-December 26! 

1. Leave a comment on at least 6 blogs! Easy! I need to do this more often...I am the ultimate blog stalker :)

2. Give each of my kids 2 extra points, to start their day off in the "blue section" of the behavior board. They LOVED this one! It def. got our day off to a positive start! I use Class Dojo for behavior, in conjunction with the clip system, but that's a whole other post....If you are a teacher and are interested in using Class Dojo, look HERE

3. At our Holiday party, my kids (ok and I did as well) made paper snowflakes to put up at Sandy Hook's new school when they return from break! Their PTA is creating a winter wonderland for them! To find out more, or if you want to mail some as well, click HERE

 4. Buy crayons and coloring books for my students to keep them busy over the break

5. Deliver Christmas cookies to the teachers on my second grade team

 6. Give each student an extra big hug before Christmas break This made me a little sad when so many of them asked me why I wanted a really big hug! Geez kids, can't I just give you a hug?!?!

7. Run one mile for each victim Well, I kinda already did this back in November...but this time, I spread the 26 miles out over a week!

{My final 4 of the 26 miles!}

8. Leave an extra big tip at dinner

9. Leave an extra tip at TBCY I usually don't put much in the tip jar, but this time I did! The boy working said that had been happening a lot lately :)

10. Send a Christmas card to our realtor (I mean, she was on it!), thanking her for our new home!

11. Deliver cookies to my friend with a new baby

12. Leave candy in the mailbox for our mailman

13. Return carts in the parking lot

14. Leave a Target gift card in the the wine section of course!

15. Leave a 20% coupon in Bed, Bath and Beyond...I always get these and never use them! Hopefully it helped someone out...

16. Leave $5 off coupon in Buy Buy Baby Again, never use these!! Hopefully, I will be repayed when I have a little one! 

17. Straighten up shelves in the store...I attempted to tackle the leftover Christmas decorations in Target; the OCD in me loved this one!

18. Clean out closet and donate old clothes and shoes I needed to do this so badly anyway!

19. Donate old cell phones to the troops

20. Deliver cookies to our neighbors

21. Visit my sister in law at work, leave her an extra tip and bring her some cookies as well! (Good thing I like baking!)

22. Use my Starbucks gift card that I got for Christmas to pay for a Skinny Peppermint Mocha for me, as well as the next person in line! Their license plate said ONTARIO, so I hope I helped them start their road trip back to Canada on a good note!

23. Bring the girl who cuts my hair, who just had surgery, a Starbucks gift card

24. Leave $2 at the light rail for the next person's ticket

25. With all of this driving around, I tried to let other drivers in as much as possible!

26. Ok, so this last one is not 100% done yet! I saw a homeless man standing on the corner, about 2-3 miles from my house. I raced home and put together a bag of snacks for him. By the time I had driven back to that corner, he was gone! So the bag of snacks is still in my car, waiting to be handed out to the next person I see who is asking for help on the side of the road :)

So there you have it! 26 acts in 6 days...well, almost! Come on, homeless peeps, where you at?!

I hope I have inspired you to do 26 acts of kindness! It really was not hard AT ALL and most of the things I did cost little to no money!!! Some things, like leaving comments on blogs, or even leaving random coupons I will never use in stores, are things I want to continue doing!!

And if you've received one of these random acts of kindness, don't forget to pay it forward!!!