Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A trip to the apple orchard

This past Saturday, we visited Sky Top Orchard
We loved going here last year and decided to try it out again.
{To see last year's visit, click here}

We love going to Sky Top because it's less than 2 hours from Charlotte, and it is on top of a mountain which makes for gorgeous pictures!

However, I will say that Sky Top is ridiculously crowded, so if you plan to go, GO EARLY. We got there at 11AM this year and it was a total zoo. And it was really hot! Ugh. I think next year, I want to wait till later in September, and get up as early as possible to get there right at 9:00 when they open! 

But anyway...we still had a great time despite the crowds and heat! 
This year, we discovered they had some animals, which turned out to be Ella's favorite part! We went to check out the goats and lambs first...

...and then headed over to the duck pond.

Then it was apple picking time! 

Unfortunately, there were not very many gala apples left. Trav had to climb the trees to get the only ones left at the very top!

Ella tried to help, but there were no apples within her reach. Bless her heart.

After we somehow managed to fill up our bucket, we had to go back and see the sheep again! Which Ella kept calling "Ramses."

And then we had to take pics by the sign! The whole reason I wanted to go back to Sky Top this year was to take pictures with the sign!!

{except we probably shouldn't have stood right in front of the sign!}

After that, we went to get some donuts! We didn't have the patience to wait in the long line last year, but this year, it wasn't too bad. We still waited for a little while, but it was definitely worth it! I don't really like donuts, but these were amazing!!!

Ella liked them too :)

And she even got to eat an apple like a big girl! Yum!

Thanks for another fun time, Sky Top!!


  1. She is adorable and that's a great family photo, even if you are in front of the sign. ;) I'm not a fan of hot. I would definitely go later in the month and earlier in the day!

  2. "I don't really like donuts" ....not sure if we can be friends anymore :)

  3. Ahh I love Skytop! It was always a tradition for us to go growing up, I wish we were closer to go! It's just not the same picking apples in the middle of cornfields. Haha!!