Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Lucas William {4 Years}

Dear Lucas,

Today you are FOUR! What?! Four seems so old to me!! How are you such a big boy?!? Four is one of my favorite ages, and even though we are stuck at home during this weird time, I know it is going to be an awesome year for you! 

I have absolutely no clue how tall you are or how much you weigh. We go to the doctor next week (should be a good time, between wearing masks and you getting a bunch of shots!), so I'll try to remember to update your stats after that. You are wearing 4T clothes, with some 5T mixed in. You can still wear a few 3T things, especially shorts. You wear size 9 shoes which are starting to get a little snug. You have size 10s for Natives and Nikes :)

You are still the funniest person ever! Every time you talk just makes me smile. You currently are in the stage of mixing up sounds and words and it's my favorite. You say "pix it!" instead of "fix it," and when you and Ella both have the same thing, you say "Hey Ella, we both have!" I posted another Toddler Interview at the end of this because you always give such comical answers :) Oh, and you hate taking pictures (like father, like son)! After I take 1/2 a picture of you, you say "Dat's enuf pictures, Mommy! Don't take a picture uh me!" Hahah. So that's been fun. 

You are still extremely obsessed with construction vehicles, but you also love police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, race cars and monster trucks! Your birthday party this year was supposed to be a fire truck theme, but you were cool with having your fire truck party next year when you turn 5! Thanks for being flexible!! Daddy took you to Monster Jam back in January and since then, you have not stopped playing with your monster trucks! You also love Lightning McQueen and the Cars movie! Cars, trucks, and more cars...all day long over here!! 

You still love Blippi!!! You requested "Blippi colors" (orange and blue) for all of your birthday balloons/signs/streamers today! You are dying to go to the museum in South Carolina where Blippi went in one of his videos. Hopefully soon, buddy! You also still tolerate Paw Patrol and even Mickey Mouse, because you know Bennett loves both of these! You are such a great big and little brother to both of your siblings. For some reason, they always want to play with your toys (not theirs!), but we are working on sharing and most of the time you are pretty good with it! 

Of course, you enjoy sports and are missing watching them on TV! You got SOOO excited to watch golf and Nascar the other day! You really like to play basketball in the driveway, as well as golf and baseball. You are pretty good at all 3! You are also playing soccer again this year...although your in-person practices got cancelled due to Covid-19, every week you get a little video to do and you always enjoy that! 

How could I forget to mention that this was your first year of preschool?! I was incredibly nervous about how you would do, but oh my goodness, you flourished in school! Your teachers loved you and had nothing but good things to say about you! You always had a smile on your face while you were there and made lots of great friends! You are missing them so much! Since you've been home, we've been doing a little homeschool where we learn a new letter each day! Some days you aren't into it, but most of the time you get really excited to see what new letter you are learning that day! You know basically all of the letters now, so we are moving on to letter sounds. You can count to about 15 and write most of your numbers. We are also still working on writing your name, but you can do it 9 times out of 10. 

You are still a great sleeper at night, but recently you've decided that you're over taking naps. I still make you have quiet time, but you rarely fall asleep anymore (maybe like 1-2 days a week)! 
As far as eating, some days you eat everything and other days you eat nothing. Most of the time, you really like pizza, hot dogs, chicken nuggets and mac & cheese. Sometimes you don't like any of these though. You also really like cheese (only cheese cubes though, not cheese sticks), granola bars and fruit snacks. The only fruits you will eat are raspberries, strawberries and oranges. I am trying to get you to eat blueberries, but you refuse! You also randomly love carrots! I have no idea why carrots, and no other vegetables, but I guess I'll take what I can get! And, you'd probably drink a gallon milk a day if we let you. 

Lulu, my best buddy!!! We are so grateful that God chose us to be your parents 4 years ago! You have kept us on our toes every day since then but we wouldn't have it any other way! Never stop making us laugh, being silly and smiling! We just can't get enough of you and love you so so much!!

Toddler Interview:

What's your name? Lucas!

How old are you? Four!

What's your favorite color? Blue! And orange!

What's your favorite food? Strawberries and raspberries

Who is your best friend? Harry

What is your favorite song? The Garbage Truck Song, like this...(proceeds to sing it, haha)

What's your favorite TV show? Blippi

What's your favorite animal? A octopus

What are you afraid of? A witch

What makes you happy? Monster trucks

Where is your favorite place to go? Jumpin Jax!

What do you want to be when you grow up? Pirate

What is something Mommy always says to you? Go to your room (oh bless)

What makes you sad? From taking a nap 

What makes you laugh? Harry!

How old is Mommy? I don't know...

How old is Daddy? 6!

What is your favorite thing to do? Do days of the week (the song we sing every morning for "school")

What does Mommy do for work? Help me

What does Daddy do for work? He works all night (he doesn't work at night at all!)

Where do you live? Charlotte!


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