Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Life with Ella {week 16}

Well, another week update! Who's getting tired of these?! 
{None of you better be raising your hands! Ha!}

{Happy belated Memorial Day! We were all decked out in our red, white and blue yesterday!}

Last Monday, Ella hit a big milestone...she rolled over for the first time!
For some reason, the video I have isn't working on here...but I promise, she really rolled!! :)
Of course we had to have a photo shoot to celebrate!

My parents were still here from Ella's baptism the day before, and I am so glad they got to see her roll over in person!

{I just love this pic of Ella and her grandma Sue!}

Also! Ella finally gave her grandmas their Mother's Day gifts (a little late)! 

Never, ever painting with a 3 month old again. It was cray.

Tuesday was pretty uneventful, but we practiced rolling some more and took a walk.

On Wednesday, our electrician came to install the light fixture I bought back in January!

It was only $30 from Ikea...but because it was from Ikea, it gave Travis all sorts of problems when he tried to install it. So, we had to call in the pro's...4 months later. Ha! And of course it cost them more to install it than I actually paid for the stupid thing...oh well. 

After all that excitement, Ella got to wear her first pair of sandals (thank you, Auntie Caitlin)!

They were so stinkin cute!

After we got back from the store, my friend Amanda had locked herself out of their house, so she and her little boy Rhys stopped over.

Apparently, Ella was in his way on her playmat, so he kept tapping her to move. She didn't budge though! Haha!

On Thursday we made a little road trip to Augusta, GA with my friend Kathryn. We got to see my Aunt Nancy, cousin Kari, and meet Kari's daughter, Harper for the first time!

Side note: there is a huge population of gypsies that lives right outside of Augusta, and we actually saw some in the store where the above picture was taken!!! Naturally, Kathryn and I were super excited and proceeded to watch the My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding marathon that was on that evening when we got home. We are super cool.

On Friday, Miss Elle Belle rolled to the left side for the first time!! (Earlier she had just been rolling to the right)

On Saturday, we tried to play (but really, eat) with some toys...

...and Ella supervised Trav and I as we made several trips to Lowe's and did hours of yard work! Ugh...there are few things I hate more than doing yard work, but luckily my husband did most of it and our backyard no longer looks like a jungle!

On Sunday, Ross, Amanda and Rhys came over again. Leave it to the dads to play match-maker.

These two spent the evening canoodling on our (clean!) patio...

...and Rhys also enjoyed petting Ella like a puppy dog. It was pretty hilarious and cute. 

I'll share our Memorial Day next week, but it will include Ella's first trip to the pool! Fun times!!