Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Quick Trip to Florida!

Annnnndd I'm back to being a terrible blogger. 
Its probably because my life has been pretty boring lately, which is a-ok with me! Since I last blogged, I've found out that about 947267463 more people I know are expecting this year (okay, really like 4) and also got a new student, who is a JOY {sarcasm}. Neither of which deserves its own blog post....sorry. 

So, I am going back to a month ago (gosh, that's embarrassing) to when we went to Florida! My brother was getting his Master's degree, and I thought it would be the perfect excuse for a weekend trip!

First off, what would a trip be without standard shots in the airport? I mean, obviously.

The next day, we woke up to this!

We headed over to my brother's house to see his sweet dog Luna!!! (And I guess my brother, too)

Hahah, it took pretty much my entire family to get Peter dressed...we all have Master's degrees, but no one could remember how to put on what! 

He made it! Sweet face...

And of course, in typical Peter fashion, nothing can be easy, so of course he lined up with the WRONG MAJOR so we had NO clue why his name didn't get called when it was supposed to! least he got his degree.

And then, the standard family photo shoot outside afterwards...

This would be cute if it were just my brother's gf and I....both boys are making the worst faces ever.

After the ceremony and photo shoot, we went to a super fancy restaurant on the water!

I got lobster mac & was super yum.

Even the sinks were fancy! 

The next day (which happened to be our 6 month wedding did that go by so fast?!) we flew home to freezing Charlotte! It was a quick weekend but so much fun!

Congrats Peter! I hope you don't hate me for taking a month to post this...because I know you check my blog alllll the time. HA!

And, hopefully, I can come up with something else exciting to write about, so it's not another 12 days before you hear from me again! 

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